versatile gardens
May 11th, 2018

We are proud to deliver exceptional gardening products. Our promise to bring bliss and happiness through greenifying urban spaces and making them more enjoyable to be in, underpins every project we take on.

We just love vertical gardens!

Did you know that around 54% of the world’s population now lives in urban areas?

People are saying goodbye to their backyards and welcoming more indoor greenery. So, try adding a vertical garden to your living space. Vertical gardens are versatile and allow for ample living space, transforming any blank wall or bare fence into a centrepiece.

PAPS Vertical Gardens are self-watering and low maintenance. Meaning you can successfully grow a range of edibles, annuals, (even perennials) with the right touch.

We understand the unique requirements of over 60 different plant species. So, by choosing PAPS Vertical Gardens you will be choosing a knowledgeable and experienced team to design and fit your personalised garden.

In order to help more Aussies bring greenery into their homes, at PAPS we embrace versatility. We are passionate about innovative design, easy installation and providing affordable maintenance options. Plus – in the coming weeks we’ll be adding artificial vertical garden options to our offerings. Keep a close eye on our website for these great new releases!

If you love the idea of bringing the outside inside call us today on (03) 9523 7369.