All PAPS VERTICAL GARDENS plants are grown in our greenhouse before they are installed in our vertical garden projects.

Nurtured by a team of qualified horticulturists and nursery staff, out stock is grown in special pots, designed specifically for use in vertical gardens. This ensures the root systems are well developed and allows us to install healthy, mature plants into your beautiful vertical garden. There are over 60 different species of indoor and outdoor plants to choose from, each with their own special colour, foliage and texture.

As we offer such an extensive range of species for our vertical garden systems, we use several different soil blends to grow our plants. Whether it is a soft peat to grow indoor plants, or an aerated soil mix best suited to Australian natives, all plants are grown in nutrient rich and weed-free potting mixes. This ensures our plants have the very best start in life.

The PAPS vertical garden  Process

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