May 18th, 2018
Get ready for your next gardening venture. Don’t let your DIY projects come to a halt this winter. The cooler weather means it is easier to get out into the garden and create some magic. Here at PAPS Vertical Gardens we love DIY missions and have plenty of advice [and a great range of products] to ensure the success of your next project. Want to start off simple? You can style your home with upcycled containers. Try using old jars and toolkits for pots. Their lack of drainage holes means you can quickly grow a range of beautiful succulents and… READ MORE
May 6th, 2018
Get ready to increase productivity (and the happiness) of your employees with one simple and effective solution. A Vertical Garden. The Dexus report showed that 49 % of respondents would like a communal rooftop or more outdoor spaces. Chris Hynes, Head of Office and Industrial Leasing at Dexus said that, “a connection to the outdoors can enhance workers’ sense of well-being”. So, the easiest solution is to brighten up the space with foliage. Vertical gardens are dazzling and awe inspiring. Here at PAPS Vertical Gardens we pride ourselves on our ability to design, manufacture and install gardens of exceptional beauty… READ MORE