plants in the workplace
May 6th, 2018

Get ready to increase productivity (and the happiness) of your employees with one simple and effective solution.

A Vertical Garden.

The Dexus report showed that 49 % of respondents would like a communal rooftop or more outdoor spaces. Chris Hynes, Head of Office and Industrial Leasing at Dexus said that, “a connection to the outdoors can enhance workers’ sense of well-being”.

So, the easiest solution is to brighten up the space with foliage.

Vertical gardens are dazzling and awe inspiring. Here at PAPS Vertical Gardens we pride ourselves on our ability to design, manufacture and install gardens of exceptional beauty and functionality.

We encourage office managers to consider dressing up a blank office wall with a beautiful garden of mixed foliage, colour and scent. This creates a soothing, calming environment, helps to reduce stress levels and also enables staff to reconnect with nature.

Five benefits of vertical gardens:

Revamp ordinary spaces – A vertical garden is cost-effective way to add a unique touch inside or outside the office.

Purify air – As the plants in vertical gardens reduce carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, they provide a healthy flow of air.

Reduce sound pollution – Vertical gardens act as a natural absorbent for any loud noises, helping to reduce distractions and create a pleasant environment.

Control temperatures – During Summer, vertical gardens can help cool down office spaces, especially when the outer walls of a building are fitted with a vertical garden.

Variety, variety, variety! Vertical Gardens Australia give you the option of changing the look and feel of your installation by swapping out plants by season!

With hundreds of different designs and plants available, PAPS Vertical Gardens can help you create the perfect vertical garden to meet any budget or design requirement. Our gardens are sure to improve mood, productivity and general well-being in any office space.

To find out more about our range of designs and plants available, stop into our PAPS Vertical Gardens Richmond Showroom or  get in touch here!